GER's 2007 Lesson Study Immersion Program in Japan

From June 22 to July 5, 2007, a group of 38 educators from the U.S., Canada and Mexico experienced Japanese lesson study first hand during GERís 2007 Lesson Study Immersion Program to Japan. Our team of experienced lesson study practitioners and researchers, Makoto Yoshida, Akihiko Takahashi, Tad Watanabe, and Bill Jackson, led the group on visits to several schools to observe and participate in research lessons in mathematics and experience variety of ways that lesson study is conducted in Japan. In addition, participants received workshops on Japanese lesson study and mathematics teaching by experts in the field, visited a textbook company to see how lesson study influences the development of Japanese mathematics textbooks, and visited a university to learn about the role lesson study plays in the training of student teachers. Click on the links below to learn more!

Daily blog with insights gleaned about lesson study

Japanese mathematics research lesson plans in English

Student teachers' testimony of role of lesson study in student teaching