GER is coming to the NCTM Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, April 9-12, 2008!

Please visit us at booth #1147 to see demonstrations of how important math concepts are taught in Japan’s most popular math textbook, Tokyo Shoseki’s Mathematics for Elementary School (Grades 1-6).

In addition, see our exciting new products such as Kyoiku Dojinsha’s Mathematics Workbooks (Grades 1-6), Japanese Research Lesson DVD: 4th grade Perimeter and Area, Lesson Study T-shirts and more.

If you purchase a set of textbooks or workbooks, you will receive a curriculum map that is not sold anywhere. This shows the vertical alignment of the Japanese textbooks and workbooks and is not available anywhere else.

Also, don’t miss these dynamic presentations by GER staff members.

Bill Jackson (Paterson NJ Public School No. 2):
“Yours Is to Reason Why, Not Just Invert and Multiply”
In this session, we will explore how Japanese math textbooks teach the multiplication and division of fractions for understanding through the use of problems and both visual and symbolic representations.
Program Code: 85
Time: Thu, Apr 10 - 9:30am - 10:30am
Building/Room: Salt Palace Convention Center / Room 255 A

Akihiko Takahashi (DePaul University):
“Neriage: An Essential Piece of a Problem-Based Lesson”
Teaching mathematics through problem solving means much more than simply solving problems in a variety of ways. Let’s investigate how Japanese textbooks use problems to teach a variety of important math ideas.
Program Code: 528
Time: Fri, Apr 11 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Building/Room: Marriott Salt Lake City Downtown / Grand Ballroom I/J