The APEC-Tsukuba International Conference on Lesson Study

Global Education Resources (GER) has been participating in the APEC-Tsukuba International Conferences on Lesson Study. One of the themes of the conferences is: A collaborative Study on innovations for teaching and learning mathematics in different cultures among the APEC member economies.

GER has been supporting for the conferences by providing lesson study related resources from the United States. In addition, GER provides English translations of the Japanese research lesson plans, public research lessons, and their discussions that are observed and discussed during the conferences.

The English translations of the public research lessons from the two conferences in 2006 are below:

APEC - Tsukuba International Conference 2006: "Innovative Teaching Mathematics through Lesson Study" (Jan. 15-20, 2006; Tokyo, Japan)

  • 4th grade research lesson: Prime and composite numbers (US Letter, A4)
  • 5th grade research lesson: Circumferences of circles (US Letter, A4)
  • 7th grade research lesson: Geometric construction (US Letter, A4)
  • 9th grade research lesson: Volume of tetrahedron with congruent faces (A4)
APEC - Tsukuba International Conference 2007: "Innovative Teaching Mathematics through Lesson Study II - Focusing on Mathematical Thinking" (Dec. 2-7, 2006; Tokyo & Sapporo, Japan)
  • 2nd grade research lesson: Placing Plates (triangles and quadrilaterals) (US Letter, A4)
  • 3rd grade research lesson: Multiplication algorithm (1) (US Letter, A4)
  • 5th grade research lesson: Area of the circle (US Letter, A4)
  • 6th grade research lesson: Thinking systematically (US Letter, A4)

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